Western Models Lufthansa Douglas DC-3 D-CADE October/22/2017
One of the smallest models in my collection is this little Douglas DC-3 which was operated by Lufthansa from 1955 until 1955.
Lufthansa booklet cargo-measurements 1978 October/04/2017
Lufthansa-booklet from 1978 with information about airfreight-measurements.
Lufthansa menu 1972 August/01/2017
Lufthansa menu from 1972 for a flight from Frankfurt to Bogota on board a Boeing 707.
Limox WIngs Hogan Lufthansa Boeing 727 D-ABCI July/14/2017
"Limox Wings" released this "Hogan"-brand 1/200 scale Boeing 727-230 Advanced in a special bare-metal livery in 2014.
Lufthansa bottle 1960 July/07/2017
Filled with Schnaps little porcelain bottles like this were presented to passengers in the late 1950s and early 1960s.
Lufthansa ruler 1975 July/01/2017
In the mid-1970s Lufthansa Cargo promoted its Boeing 747 freighters with 12 inch rulers like this.
Westway Lufthansa Airbus A310 1/50 May/11/2017
Manufactured by "Westway Models" this 1/50 scale model of an Airbus A310 was used by Lufthansa to promote the new twin-engined widebody airliner in the mid-1980s.
Lufthansa annual-report 1977 April/26/2017
The annual-report for 1977 focuses on the growing importance of computers - both on the ground and in the air.
Lufthansa marketing-aid container 1980 April/12/2017
This advert from the late 1960s explains why Lufthansa had an all-Boeing-fleet at the time.
Westway Lufthansa Airbus A300 1/200 March/26/2017
This little Airbus A300 was probably manufactured by "Westway Models" for Lufthansa - although there is no such indication on the model.
Lufthansa marketing-aid container 1980 March/14/2017
Little plastic-containers were given away as marketing-aids by Lufthansa Cargo in the early 1980s to promote flights to West Africa.
Lufthansa-folder beverages 1956 March/13/2017
This small Lufthansa-folder from 1956 contained the price-list for alcoholic beverages on domestic flights.
Herpa Lufthansa Boeing 707-430 D-ABOC January/06/2017
In early summer 2016 "Herpa" released this 1/200 scale reproduction of the Lufthansa Boeing 707-430 D-ABOC.
Lufthansa metal-sign 1970 December/28/2016
This large Lufthansa-poster of a Boeing 737-200 will be a beautiful new addition to one of the walls of my aviation room.
Lufthansa metal-sign 1970 December/23/2016
Lufthansa metal-sign "Agent" - probably from the early 1970s.
Toys Nomura Lufthansa Airbus A300 December/09/2016
This tin-toy representation was made by "Toys Nomura" for the German toy-distributor "Dickie" in the late 1970s.
Lufthansa passenger-ticket 1970 December/06/2016
This Lufthansa passenger-ticket was issued in 1970 for a return-flight from Düsseldorf to South America.
Lufthansa route-map 1965 December/01/2016
This route-map with Lufthansa destinations in Europe and the Middle East was issued in the mid-1960s.
Verkuyl Lufthansa Boeing 727 D-ABIZ 1970s livery 1/100 October/28/2016
For the first time I was able to obtain a mint Verkuyl-model: A 1/100 scale Boeing 727 in Lufthansa's 1970s livery.
Lufthansa marketing-aid Interstate 1986 October/10/2016
In 1986 Lufthansa promoted its 16 destinations in North America with a representation of a US road-sign.
Lufthansa box-set cocktail-recipes 1980 October/10/2016
Lufthansa-leaflet from 1987 with information about the second Boeing 747 generation - the 747-230.
Western Models Lufthansa Boeing 720-030B D-ABOP September/24/2016
In June 2016 finally a 1/200 Lufthansa Boeing 747-130 became available by "WB Models". D-ABYC was the third 747 to join the Lufthansa-fleet in 1970.
Lufthansa box-set cocktail-recipes 1980 September/21/2016
Lufthansa box-set from 1980 with cocktail-recipes for alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.
Lufthansa FFC Boeing 727 1967 September/21/2016
Lufthansa first-flight-cover issued in 1967 on the occasion of the first Boeing 727 service on the domestic route Stuttgart-Cologne.
Schaarschmidt Lufthansa Convair CV-340 1/50 July/20/2016
The first ever model-type Lufthansa ordered was this Convair CV-340 Metropolitan in 1/50 scale. It was manufactured by "Modellbau Schaarschmidt" in Berlin-Charlottenburg in 1955.
Lufthansa travel tips 1970 July/19/2016
Leaflets like this were published in the early 1970s with travel-tips for various Lufthansa-destinations.
Lufthansa-plate Super Constellation 1955 July/19/2016
This little plate for on-board snacks was used to promote Lufthansa's Lockheed Super Constellation services in 1955.
Western Models Lufthansa Boeing 720-030B D-ABOP June/28/2016
D-ABOP was the second 1/200 scale reproduction of a Lufthansa Boeing 720-030B released in summer 2015 by "Western Models".
Lufthansa early 1980s June/27/2016
This stationary-set was given to First Class "Senator Service"-passengers probably in the early 1980s.
Lufthansa-phonocard 1957/58 June/26/2016
Lufthansa issued this phono-postcard in 1958/59 to promote the service on board the Lockheed L-1649A Super Star.
Western Models Lufthansa Boeing 720-030B D-ABOH June/09/2016
One of two beautiful 1/200 scale reproductions of a Lufthansa Boeing 720-030B was D-ABOH in the delivery colours of 1962 - released in summer 2015 by "Western Models".
Lufthansa-brochure facts and figures 1984 June/09/2016
This little Lufthansa-brochure from 1984 was full of corporate-facts - just like a small-sized annual-report.
Lufthansa-brochure A300 1976 May/10/2016
These First Flight Covers were sent to Istanbul and Beirut when Lufthansa resumed flights to the Middle East on September 12th 1956.
Lufthansa Westway Models DC-10 1/25 cutaway 1975 March/19/2016
Now the largest model in my collection: A 1/25 Lufthansa DC-10, made by "Westway Models" probably in 1974/75 when the first of the three-engined long-haul jets joined the fleet.
Lufthansa-brochure A300 1976 March/07/2016
When the European wide-body twin-jet Airbus A300 was introduced to the Lufthansa-fleet this brochure was released in 1976.
Schuco Lufthansa on-board toy early 1970s March/01/2016
This interesting toy-set made by "Schuco" was given to children on board of Lufthansa aircraft probably in the early 1970s.
BlueBox Lufthansa Boeing 737-130 D-ABEA February/28/2016
This 1/200 scale Boeing 737-130 made by "BlueBox-Models" displays the 1960s livery that was later changed to the new 1970s design prior to the delivery to Lufthansa.
Lufthansa-brochure Frankfurt base 1983 February/26/2016
Lufthansa-brochure from 1983 about the airline's operational headquarters at Frankfurt airport.
Lufthansa-brochure Vickers Viscount 1958 February/25/2016
Lufthansa-leaflet from 1958 with information about the Vickers Viscount, which was introduced on medium-haul routes at the time.
BlueBox Lufthansa Boeing 707-430 D-ABOD February/02/2016
The first passenger-jet in service with a German airline was the Boeing 707-430. "BlueBox Models" released a 1/200 scale diecast-model of D-ABOD in spring 2015.
Lufthansa amenity-kits February/02/2016
This little collection of amenity-kits brings back memories of on-board service from the 1970s and 1980s.
Lufthansa timetable 1979 January/16/2015
I picked up this Lufthansa-timetable at Frankfurt airport as a boy in 1979 - and I have kept it ever since.
Westway Models Lufthansa Airbus A300 1/50 January/05/2016
The new year brings a new large-scale model: A Lufthansa Airbus A300 in 1/50 from 1976.
Lufthansa-leaflet DC-10 1975 December/31/2015
In 1975, Lufthansa introduced its newest jet - the McDonnell Douglas DC-10 - to passengers with this leaflet.
Lufthansa-leaflet Boeing 747 1975 December/31/2015
This leaflet from 1975 contained information about the Boeing 747 - which Lufthansa operated in both the 100-series and the 200-series at the time.
Lufthansa Boeing 727-100 bonus-model 500.000 kilometres November/26/2015
This little golden model of a Boeing 727-100 was awarded to passengers after travelling more than 500.000 kilometres on Lufthansa-flights.
Lufthansa-brochure Düsseldorf-London 1956 November/26/2015
This brochure from 1956 contained information for passengers travelling from Düsseldorf to London aboard Lufthansa's Convair CV-340s.
Modern Toys Lufthansa Boeing 737 D-ABOS October/02/2015
A rather large tin-toy Boeing 737 was produced by "Modern Toys" in the late 1960s.
Lufthansa road-map 1961 October/02/2015
This road-map was released in 1961 to promote the "jet airport" Munich-Riem.
Lufthansa-brochure Australia 1979 September/04/2015
This little brochure was released in the late 1970s when Australia still was a Lufthansa-destination.
AGM Models Lufthansa Boeing 747 1/50 July/19/2015
The year 2015 began with an exciting offer: I was able to purchase this 1/50 scale cutaway-model of a Lufthansa Boeing 747. It was made for Lufthansa probably in 1970.
Lufthansa Boeing 707 plastic-model 1960 July/10/2015
Lufthansa gave away little plastic models of the Boeing 707 probably in the early 1960s.
Lufthansa travel-guides 1959 July/09/2015
In the late 1950s Lufthansa handed out travel-guides to passengers travelling to exotic destinations like Buenos Aires or Bangkok.
Mecater Lufthansa Boeing 707 D-ABOX 1/100 May/27/2015
I had to wait many years before I got the chance to buy a Lufthansa Boeing 707 made by the Spanish model-manufacturer "Mecater". In March 2015 the waiting was over: An antiques-dealer from Torino in Italy offered me this fine example in 1/100 scale.
Lufthansa brochure Frankfurt Rhein-Main 1973 May/25/2015
Lufthansa promoted their Frankfurt-hub in this brochure from 1973: One year after the new Rhein-Main-airport had been opened it was praised as a perfect choice for connecting flights worldwide.
Lufthansa cocktail-mixing booklet 1971 May/25/2015
This little booklet from 1971 was used by Lufthansa cabin-attendants to mix well-known international cocktails.
Herpa Lufthansa Airbus A300 D-AIAK April/23/2015
With this Airbus A300 from the much acclaimed "Lufthansa Modell Edition" I managed to get my third A300 from this series of three. The model in 1/200 scale carries the registration D-AIAK.
Lufthansa route-map Middle East 1959 April/23/2015
In the series of route-maps from the late 1950s Lufthansa also released this item for destinations in the Middle East.
Toys Nomura Lufthansa McDonnell Douglas DC-10 March/13/2015
In the outgoing era of tin-toys the Japanese manufacturer "Toys Nomura" released this Lufthansa McDonnell Douglas DC-10. The original aircraft joined the Lufthansa-fleet in the mid-1970s as one of the most economic aircraft in the world.
Lufthansa annual-report 1959 March/11/2015
This annual-report for 1959 shows Lufthansa's early efforts to become a global player. When the brochure was released the German airline had just entered the jet-age with the first Boeing 707s.
Lufthansa pocket-knife 1957 March/11/2015
Little pocket-knives with the outline of the Lockheed Super Constellation were given away in the late 1950s when these aircraft were the pride of the Lufthansa-fleet.
Lufthansa First Class-present Theatres of the world March/03/2015
These metal replicas of admission-tickets from famous theatres around the world were given away in the series of "First Class presents" in the early 1980s.
Verkuyl Lufthansa Airbus A300 1/100 January/25/2015
This Airbus A300 in scale 1/100 was made for Lufthansa by the Dutch manufacturer Verkuyl probably in the mid-1970s.
Lufthansa First Class-present Collins Avenue January/09/2015
In the 1980s First Class passengers were also offered little replica road-signs of streets and places in the United States.
Lufthansa First Class-present Karlsplatz December/11/2014
A small collection of little replica road-signs enters my collection today: First-Class passengers were given the enamel signs as presents in the early 1980s.
Westway Lufthansa Boeing 747 1/50 November/26/2014
The largest model to date in my collection is a Boeing 747-200 made by "Westway Models" probably in the late 1970s. I bought it from a former Lufthansa-employee in March 2012 - now it enters the homepage.
Lufthansa puzzle-game 1971 November/26/2014
This little puzzle-game was given away by Lufthansa before services to Kinshasa started in November 1971.
Lufthansa paperbox 1956 Oktober/24/2014
This Lufthansa paperbox was used to promote transatlantic flights with the Lockheed L-1049G Super Constellation.
Haji Lufthansa Boeing 747 September/30/2014
Another Boeing 747 joins my fleet of Japanese tin-airplanes: The model was made by the "Haji" company probably in the early 1970s.
Lufthansa logbook 1968 August/28/2014
Lufthansa-passengers were given logbooks like this in the late 1960s to record their personal flying-history. After reaching a certain kilometre-status passengers were rewarded with small metal models of the Boeing 727 "Europa Jet".
Lufthansa logbook 1978 August/28/2014
This logbook was issued in 1978. In those days passengers received a desk-set made of aicraft-aluminium when the logbook showed 250.000 kilometres flown with Lufthansa.
Takatoku Toys Lufthansa Boeing 727 D-ABIB July/12/2014
This little friction-powered tin-toy Boeing 727 was made by the Japanese manufacturer "Takatoku Toys" in the late 1960s.
Lufthansa-brochure The history of Lufthansa 1975 May/14/2014
Lufthansa's public-relations department in Cologne published this summary of the airline's history in 1975.
Lutz & Weiss Lufthansa DC-10 bonus-model 250.000 kilometres May/01/2014
This DC-10 bonus-model made by "Lutz & Weiss" was given to passengers who had travelled 250.000 kilometres on board Lufthansa-aircraft.
Lufthansa press-text German civil-aviation 1969 April/29/2014
Lufthansa's public-relations bureau in Cologne released this summary of German aviation-history in 1969.
PacMin Lufthansa Boeing 737 D-ABAB April/07/2014
This early Boeing 737-130 model was probably ordered by Boeing as a marketing-aid in the negotiations with Lufthansa. The German airline was the first customer for the short-range jet in the mid-1960s.
Lufthansa-brochure fleet 1966 March/30/2014
In the mid-1960s Lufthansa operated an all-Boeing jet-fleet. This brochure offers information about the B707-300 / B707-400 and the B727-100.
Lufthansa-brochure Boeing 737 1967 March/18/2014
All the comfort of long-range air-travel was available on short-range routes when Lufthansa introduced the Boeing 737 to the fleet in early 1968. This brochure in English language contains information about the development of the jet.
Nomura Lufthansa Boeing 747 D-ABDR March/17/2014
This battery-operated tin-toy Boeing 747 was made by the Japanese manufacturer "Toys Nomura" in the late 1960s - just before the first Jumbo Jets were delivered.
Lufthansa-brochure Boeing 747 1970 March/17/2014
Lufthansa informed its passengers about the new wide-body Boeing 747 prior to the first services in 1970 with this brochure.
Lufthansa First Class-present No smoking 1980s February/12/2014
A keychain made of brass was presented to Lufthansa First Class passengers in this box in the early 1980s. It was part of a 12-piece series.
Schaarschmidt Lufthansa Super Constellation D-ALAK 1:50 January/25/2014
This large Super Constellation model in 1/50 scale was ordered by Lufthansa in 1955 - the year the German airline started transatlantic-services. The manufacturer was "Modellbau Schaarschmidt" in Berlin.
Lufthansa First Class-present 5th Avenue January/21/2014
This miniature enamel road-sign was a present for Lufthansa First Class passengers in the mid-1980s. It was part of a whole series.
Kyowa Lufthansa Vickers VC-10 D-ABIB January/13/2014
The British long-haul jet Vickers VC-10 was recreated by the Japanese "Kyowa Toy Co." in the mid-1960s. Unfortunately this aircraft was never part of the Lufthansa-fleet.
Lufthansa domestic-timetable 1961 January/12/2014
This domestic-timetable from 1961 was a quick-reference guide for passengers travelling within Germany.
Lufthansa bonus-model Airbus A300 500.000 km December/22/2013
Just before Christmas another little bonus-model joins the collection: In the early 1980s passengers were awarded this Airbus A300 for travelling 500.000 kilometres with Lufthansa.
Lufthansa leaflet fleet 1981 December/22/2013
This brochure from 1981 contains information about the future of Lufthansa's fleet in the 1980s.
Herpa Lufthansa Airbus A300 D-AIAC 1/200 December/08/2013
In late autumn 2013 Herpa released a 1/200 model of the Airbus A300B4 - Lufthansa's first short- and medium range wide-body jet.
Lufthansa passenger-ticket 1968 November/09/2013
This ticket from 1968 displays the work of German designer Otl Aicher who worked for Lufthansa at the time. The outlines of a Boeing 707 were printed on travel-documents and timetables from the mid-1960s until around 1970.
Lufthansa-brochure destinations Far East 1959 October/20/2013
This colourful little brochure advertised three new Far East destinations in 1959: Karachi, Kalkutta and Bangkok.
Schaarschmidt Lufthansa Super Constellation D-ALAN 1:80 October/18/2013
When Lufthansa began transatlantic services with the Lockheed L-1049G Super Constellation in 1955 models like this were ordered as marketing-aids from "Modellbau Schaarschmidt" - a company located in Berlin.
Lufthansa safety-card Super Constellation 1955 October/17/2013
In 1955 these ditching-procedures were handed out to passengers on transatlantic flights with the Lockheed Super Constellation.
Lufthansa passenger-ticket 1955 October/17/2013
This passenger-ticket was issued in early 1955 for an introductory flight from Hamburg to Munich and back.
Yonezawa Lufthansa Boeing 733 D-ABFI August/01/2013
In the late 1960s the Japanese toy-manufacturer "Yonezawa" released this model of the supersonic Boeing 733, which later became known as the Boeing 2707. Lufthansa placed an option for four of these aircraft that never were built.
Lufthansa phono-postcard 1961 July/31/2013
This phonographic-postcard containing instrumental music is an interesting piece of advertising-history from 1961.
Hogans Wings Lufthansa Super Constellation D-ALID July/16/2013
"Hogan Wings" released this 1/200 diecast-model of Lufthansa's Lockheed L-1049G Super Constellation D-ALID in 2012.
Lufthansa brochure cockpit-careers 1974 July/06/2013
This Lufthansa brochure from 1974 contained information about cockpit-careers.
Lufthansa Westway Models Concorde 1/50 June/16/2013
After Lufthansa placed orders for three Concordes in 1967 the airline also ordered display-models like this in 1/50 scale as marketing-aids. They were manufactured by "Westway Models" in the United Kingdom.
Lutz & Weiss Lufthansa Airbus A300 bonus-model June/08/2013
In the late 1970s/early 1980s frequent-travellers were given little Airbus A300 models like this for 1.000.000 kilometres with Lufthansa.
Lufthansa safety-card Boeing 747-100 June/07/2013
This Lufthansa safety-card for the Boeing 747-100 was printed in early 1973. At this time Lufthansa operated three 747-130s.
Lufthansa Skyland HS-125 1/50 May/19/2013
Something very rare joins the collection: A Lufthansa Hawker-Siddeley HS-125. "Skyland Models" probably made this model for the British aircraft-manufacturer as a marketing-aid.
Lufthansa-magazine Revue 1966 May/08/2013
Lufthansa and the Burda publishing group issued this magazine called "Revue" for the first time in 1966.
Lufthansa Westway Boeing 737 1970 April/25/2013
"Westway Models" produced Boeing 737 models like this in 1/100 scale when the airline took delivery of the first aircraft in 1968.
Lufthansa leaflet fleet 1975 April/22/2013
Nice pictures and interesting information about the fleet - this Lufthansa-leaflet from 1975 included both.
Lufthansa promotional give-away A300 1976 April/21/2013
A little model of the European wide-body jet Airbus A300 was given to customers in 1976 to promote the forthcoming introduction of this aircraft on domestic and European routes.
Western Models Lufthansa Curtiss C-46 N9891Z April/15/2013
This 1/200 scale model of a Lufthansa Curtiss C-46 Commando was re-released by "Western Models" in early 2013.
Lufthansa time-indicator 1970s April/11/2013
This time-indicator made it possible for Lufthansa-passengers to determine the time in various destinations worldwide.
Daiya Lufthansa Concorde D-ACON March/30/2013
The Japanese toy-company "Daiya" produced this tin-toy Concorde in the late 1960s after Lufthansa had placed orders for three supersonic jetliners.
Lufthansa-booklet The history Of Lufthansa 1968 March/29/2013
This interesting booklet was published in 1968 with the title "The History Of Deutsche Lufthansa AG". On 45 pages it shows how Lufthansa gradually turned into a modern, globally operating airline.
Lufthansa promotional-single 1979 March/19/2013
To promote new destinations in the United States, Lufthansa released this single with the song "Hello America" by Italian singer Adriano Celentano in 1979.
Lufthansa menu 1959 March/18/2013
This Lufthansa menu from February/March 1959 is a nice piece of aviation-history, because it shows how wide the selection of dishes was on a transatlantic flight from Hamburg to New York.
Western Models Lockheed Super Constellation D-ALAP March/16/2013
In the late 1990s "Western Models" released two Lockheed L-1049G Super Constellations in Lufthansa-livery: One of them was the model shown here with the registration D-ALAP.
Lufthansa pencil cup metric converter 1970s March/09/2013
Lufthansa Cargo gave away this interesting pencil cup with a metric converter to customers in the early 1970s.
IMC Modelworks Lufthansa Airbus A310 March/08/2013
In 1984 the Airbus A310 was one of the last aircraft to join the Lufthansa-fleet in the 1970s-livery. "IMC Modelworks" made this 1/100 model in the early 1980s.
Lufthansa commemorative plate first West Coast flight 1960 March/05/2013
Lufthansa gave away plates like this when the first services started to the U.S. West Coast in May 1960 with Boeing 707 jets.
Lufthansa brochure Boeing 727 1964 March/03/2013
Lufthansa and Boeing published this brochure together when the first Boeing 727s were delivered in spring 1964.
Lufthansa Daiya Boeing B-2707 SST February/20/2013
This tin-toy supersonic jet was made by the Japanese manufacturer "Daiya": A Boeing B-2707 in the Lufthansa-livery of the 1960s.
Lufthansa licence-plate DC-10 1981 February/18/2013
This commemorative licence-plate was given to Lufthansa-passengers on the occasion of the first flight to Atlanta/Gerogia with a DC-10 in 1981.
Lufthansa licence-plate Texas 1985 February/18/2013
Here's another licence-plate - this time for the first Lufthansa-flight to Houston/Texas in 1985.
Lufthansa commemorative plate first 747-flight 1970 February/15/2013
This commemorative plate was issued on the first Lufthansa passenger-flight with a Boeing 747 in 1970. It was made by the German porcelain-manufacturer "Rosenthal".
Belplast Lufthansa Boeing 707 1/100 February/11/2013
This Lufthansa Boeing 707 was one of the first plastic models Lufthansa ordered fro display-purposes. It was manufactured in Italy by "Belplast", probably in 1964/65.
Lufthansa route-map South America 1961 January/30/2013
This route-map for flights to South America allowed passengers to follow their aircraft across the Atlantic. It was published in the early 1960s.
Lufthansa licence-plate A300 1984 January/29/2013
This replica of a licence-plate from the United Arab Emirates was given to selected passengers in 1984 to promote new services with the Airbus A300 to the Gulf region and East Africa.
Lufthansa menu 1961 January/27/2013
An artist's impression of Robert Louis Stevenson's story "The bottle imp" was on the cover of this Lufthansa menu for a flight from Frankfurt to Rome in 1961.
Lufthansa-timetable 1975 January/26/2013
This Lufthansa-timetable from 1975 brought a massive expansion of DC-10 services on Transatlantic-routes and to the Far East.
Alps Lufthansa Boeing 727 January/22/2013
A new addition to my collection of Lufthansa tin-toy models: A Boeing 727 made by the Japanese toy-company "Alps" in the mid-1960s.
Lufthansa menu 1962 January/14/2013
This Lufthansa menu was published in 1962 for a flight from Frankfurt to the Middle East.
Lufthansa on-board magazine 1975 January/11/2013
This on-board magazine was published in 1975. It features information about Lufthansa's fleet in those days together with route-maps and tourism-related articles.
Schaarschmidt Lufthansa Super Star 1/80 1957 January/09/2013
For years I have been searching for a vintage Lufthansa Super Constellation model. In December 2012 I finally managed to buy this fine reproduction of the Lockheed L-1649A, which Lufthansa marketed as the "Super Star".
Brochure Goodbye 727 1992 January/07/2013
This inofficial brochure was published in 1992 by Lufthansa's Boeing 727 fleet-captain, Peter Klotz. It recapitulates the 28 years of continuous service with the 727-100 and the 727-200.
Lufthansa promotional-record Boeing 707 1960 January/07/2013
In 1960 this promotional-record was an unusual way to advertise the new Boeing 707 with a specially composed song.
Lufthansa bonus-model Boeing 727 100.000 kilometres December/25/2012
Another addition to my collection of bonus-models: This Boeing 727 in 1/250 scale was given to passengers who had flown 100.000 kilometres with Lufthansa.
Lufthansa brochure Super Constellation 1957 December/21/2012
This colourful Lufthansa-leaflet from 1957 stresses the comfort on board the Lockheed L-1049G Super Constellation. Like many other Lufthansa-brochures from that era it contains many drawings - but some photos are also included, which is quite unusual.
Lufthansa cargo-brochure 1970s December/14/2012
Lufthansa cargo-brochure from the 1970s with information about the cargo-fleet and the capacity of the various containers.
Lufthansa annual report 1955 December/12/2012
Lufthansa annual report from 1955 with interesting facts and figures concerning the first year of scheduled services.
Lufthansa first flight covers December/06/2012
These first flight covers were all issued on the occasion of first flights to New York with the Lockheed Super Constellation in 1955 and with the Boeing 707 in 1960.
Lufthansa preliminary timetable 1962 December/04/2012
This preliminary timetable for summer 1962 showed the planned routes and departure-times subject to government approval.
Verkuyl Lufthansa Boeing 747-100 1/100 December/01/2012
The Verkuyl-workshops in the Netherlands delivered 1/100 scale metal Boeing 747 models like this to Lufthansa probably in 1970.
Lufthansa puzzle DC-10 1974 November/27/2012
With a puzzle-game inside this box Lufthansa promoted the introduction of the McDonnell Douglas DC-10 to the fleet in early 1974.
Lufthansa on-board brochure Constellation 1950s November/22/2012
Unfortunately this Lufthansa on-board brochure from the 1950s was empty when I obtained it. Still, it is a very interesting item from a time when Lufthansa operated the Lockheed Super Constellation and the Convair 340.
Lufthansa on-board magazine 1973 November/12/2012
Lufthansa on-board magazine from 1973. The so-called "Logbook" kept most of its design-features for over two decades.
SkyStars Lufthansa DC-3 D-CADE November/02/2012
"Sky Stars" released this DC-3 in 1/200 scale in late 2012. Lufthansa operated four of these aircraft between 1955 and 1960.
Lufthansa safety-card 737-100 October/27/2012
Lufthansa safety-card for the Boeing 737-130 - issued in 1972. Later Lufthansa published safety-cards for many other aircraft in a slightly modified design.
Lufthansa brochure 707 1960s October/24/2012
Lufthansa leaflet from the early 1960s issued after the arrival of the first Boeing 707 in the fleet.
Lufthansa safety-cards 1980s October/21/2012
Lufthansa safety-cards from the 1980s. I "collected" them myself on various flights with the respective aircraft.
Lufthansa calendar 1978 October/15/2012
For many years Lufthansa issued calendars like this to passengers and customers.
Lufthansa menu 1960 October/12/2012
These menu-cards from 1968 were issued in the new corporate-design created by Otl Aicher and his team in the mid-1960s.
Lufthansa calendar 1960 October/10/2012
Calendars were given away by Lufthansa right from the beginning of post-war operations in 1955. This example dates back to 1960.
Lufthansa advertising-campaign OM mid-1980s October/01/2012
The advertising-agency Ogilvy & Mather devised an ad-campaign for Lufthansa in the mid-1980s. Here some examples with the focus on Lufthansa-jets of that period.
Lufthansa advertising-campaign McCann mid-1980s October/01/2012
Here another campaign from the 1980s by McCann-Erickson for the Anglo-American market. Again it was often the fleet that was shown in the ads.
Verkuyl Lufthansa Boeing 727 1/40 1960s design September/18/2012
This large metal Boeing 727 in 1/40 scale was made for Lufthansa by the Dutch model-maker Verkuyl around 1964/65 when the first aircraft were delivered.
Lufthansa safety-card Convair 340/Vickers Viscount mid 1960s September/13/2012
Two types of aircraft in one safety-card - impossible today, but published by Lufthansa in the mid 1960s for the Convair 340/440 and the Vickers Viscount.
Lufthansa First Class boarding-pass 1980 September/13/2012
This boarding-pass was issued to Lufthansa First Class passengers in 1980.
Lufthansa menu 1960 September/02/2012
This Lufthansa menu from 1960 is an example for the high-quality service standards in the early jet-age.
Lufthansa Westway Boeing 747 cutaway 1:72 August/10/2012
My newest pride and joy is this fine cutaway model of an early Boeing 747-130 made by "Westway Models" probably in 1970 when the first "Jumbo Jets" were delivered to Lufthansa. Scale is 1/72.
Lufthansa gas-lighter Ibelo M23 1969 July/29/2012
Another cigarette-lighter enters my collection: An "M23" made by West-German manufacturer "Ibelo" probably around 1969/1970.
Lufthansa brochure New Dimensions Boeing 747 1969 July/14/2012
This black and white brochure was handed out to Lufthansa employees in 1969 prior to the first deliveries of the new Boeing 747 jets.
InFlight Lufthansa Boeing 737 D-ABHW July/9/2012
"InFlight Models" sold this 1/200 scale Lufthansa Boeing 737-230 in 2006. The model was limited to 588 pieces worldwide.
Lufthansa world-atlas 1984 July/3/2012
This Lufthansa world-atlas was published in 1984. Today, it is like a time-machine back to a world that no longer exists that way.
Lufthansa aerial-photography of Germany 1968 June/29/2012
Wonderful aerial-photography of German towns and landscapes was published in 1968 by Lufthansa in the book "Flugbild Deutschland". Designer Otl Aicher was initially asked to take these pictures for advertising campaigns.
Lufthansa aerial-photography of Europe 1974 June/29/2012
A second book containing aerial-photography of the European continent was published by Lufthansa in 1974. Again Otl Aicher is the brilliant photographer.
Lufthansa ring-binder Boeing 727 training June/11/2012
When the Boeing 727 was added to the Lufthansa-fleet in 1964, Boeing published this ring-binder for training-purposes. A nice addition to my collection of vintage Lufthansa-items.
Lufthansa Herpa L-1649A Super Star D-ALUB June/11/2012
This Lufthansa Lockheed L-1649A Super Star with the registration D-ALUB was released by "Western Models" in the 1990s - long before 1/200 scale model-aircraft became popular. I can only second the positive reactions by fellow collectors worldwide. This is a fine model and was a real trendsetter!
Lufthansa Tipp&Co Super Constellation D-ALAK May/10/2012
My newest tin-toy airplane is this large Lufthansa Lockheed L-1049G Super Constellation made by "Tipp&Co" in the late 1950s.
Lufthansa first flight covers FFC 1960s April/10/2012
Over the years I have collected many Lufthansa first flight covers like these from the 1960s - especially envelopes with aviation-related stamps and images.
Schuco 1025 Lufthansa Boeing 707 Supercargo Jet April/09/2012
Lufthansa was one of the first airlines to order Boeing 707 jets with a side cargo door in the fuselage. This model made by "Schuco" even had a plastic container inside. It was sold as "Schuco 1024".
Lufthansa on-board folder 1962 March/27/2012
This Lufthansa on-board folder contained information and stationary for passengers. Issued probably around 1962.
JC Wings Lufthansa Boeing 737-230 D-ABFW March/25/2012
In late 2011 "JC Wings" released this 1/200 model of the Boeing 737-230 D-ABFW "Wolfsburg" in a livery that was tested by the German airline in 1987/88.
Lufthansa brochure Frankfurt airport late 1970s March/17/2012
This Lufthansa brochure was given to passengers probably in the late 1970s to help them get around at Frankfurt airport.
Lufthansa gas cigarette-lighter Rowenta Fan late 1970s March/17/2012
Not as elegant as older cigarette-lighters is this gas-lighter made by Rowenta in the late 1970s. The model-type is "Fan".
Hobby Master Lufthansa Lockheed L-1049G Super Constellation D-ALOF March/01/2012
Various manufacturers released 1/200 scale diecast models of the Lockheed Super Constellation in late 2011. "Hobby Master" presented this "Connie" with the registration D-ALOF.
Endoh Lufthansa Volkswagen T1 bus February/20/2012
My third Volkswagen T1 bus in Lufthansa-colours is this model made by the Japanese tin-toy manufacturer "Endoh" in the mid-1960s.
Lufthansa brochure Supercargo 1960s February/20/2012
This brochure was targeted at export-oriented small and medium-sized companies in the mid-1960s when Lufthansa began operating all-cargo flights with Boeing 707 jets.
Lufthansa brochure 707 720 1960s February/12/2012
This Lufthansa-leaflet from the early 1960s contained information about the new Boeing jets 707 and 720.
Herpa Lufthansa Lockheed L-1649A D-ALER February/08/2012
The end of the year 2011 brought several Constallation-releases from various manufacturers - for example this Lockheed L-1649A D-ALER in 1/200 scale.
Lufthansa atlas 1980 February/08/2012
This little pocket-atlas from 1980 was designed especially with the business traveller in mind. 144 pages.
Lufthansa Boeing 747 D-ABIZ January/28/2012
In the 1970s "Schuco" made three Lufthansa Boeing 747s: Two passenger models and one freighter. Here is the first version - a Boeing 747-130.
Lufthansa passenger-ticket 1959 January/28/2012
Lately I was able to buy some old passenger-tickets from an eBay-seller in Greece: Items from the late 1950s, from the 1960s and 1970s. This is the oldest ticket - it was issued in 1959.
Lufthansa passenger-ticket 1960 January/28/2012
This specimen dates back to 1960. The ticket was issued for a flight from Beirut to Munich and back.
Herpa Lufthansa Boeing 747-430 D-ABVH January/20/2012
Because of its current "all-white" livery this Lufthansa Boeing 747-430 doesn't really fit into my collection - but due to the fact that it displays a special scheme to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the partnership with Boeing, I bought the model anyway.
Lufthansa domestic timetable 1956 January/20/2012
Recently I was able to buy this interesting timetable from 1956: Unfolded this brochure is a graphic schedule for domestic services.
Lufthansa timetable 1971 January/20/2012
When this timetable was released in 1971 Lufthansa had just phased out the last propeller-driven aircraft. One year before the Summer Olympics in Munich the German airline wanted to present its passengers an all-jet fleet. On the cover we can see the works of two famous German graphic-designers: Firstly Otl Aicher's corporate-identity ideas from the late 1960s/early 1970s and secondly the logo for the Olympic Summer Games 1972 in Munich devised by Cordt von Mannstein.
Yonezawa Lufthansa Electra D-ABOB version 2 January/10/2012
This Lockheed Electra in Lufthansa-colours was released by the Japanese toy-manufacturer "Yonezawa" probably in the late 1960s - although Lufthansa never operated this aircraft-type.
Lufthansa passenger route-map late 1950s January/01/2012
I was able to buy this nice vintage Lufthansa route-map a while ago from an ebay-seller in the United States. It was handed out to passengers probably in the late 1950s.
Lufthansa timetable 1960 January/01/2012
On May, 1st 1960 Lufthansa officially started into the jet-age with this timetable. The first Boeing 707 had been delivered by Boeing in early March 1960.
Verkuyl Lufthansa Boeing 727 D-ABIZ 1/200 December/24/2011
This Boeing 727 in 1/200 scale is one of the smaller models Lufthansa ordered from the Dutch manufacturer Maarten M. Verkuyl in the mid-1960s. Verkuyl usually made large metal models - here he worked with resin.
Lufthansa route-mao late 1960s December/13/2011
Old route-maps always catch my attention because they show destinations no longer served - or destination that were yet to come. This map already displays the all-new corporate-identity that was introduced in the mid-1960s by German graphics-designer Otl Aicher - a teacher at the "Hochschule for Gestaltung" (HfG), now part of the University of Ulm.
Western Models Lufthansa DC-4 N30042 1/200 December/04/2011
This Douglas DC-4 in 1/200 scale made by "Western Models" is the newest addition to my collection. Three of these aircraft were operated by "Transocean Airlines" on behalf of Lufthansa from 1957 to 1959 on the Frankfurt-New York route.
Lufthansa Fluggast-Geschenk Airport Express 1980er Jahre November/30/2011
First-Class-passengers were given little "Farewell Presents" like this in the mid-1980s: A metal sign shows the route of the Lufthansa Airport-Express, which connected Düsseldorf airport and Frankfurt airport by rail.
Lufthansa Fluggast-Streckenkarte Fernost 1960er Jahre November/30/2011
This passenger-map from the early 1960s shows the Far East route Lufthansa-jets took from Frankfurt to Tokio via Rome, Cairo and Bangkok.
JC WIngs Lufthansa Boeing 727 D-ABFI 1/200 November/19/2011
In summer 2011 "JC Wings" released this fine diecast-model of the stretched Boeing 727-230 D-ABFI "Münster". A must-have for me because the 727 is one of my favourite aircraft!.
Raise-Up Lufthansa Boeing 707 1/60 October/21/2011
This "Raise-Up" Boeing 707 in 1/60 scale replaces a sister-ship made by the same manufacturer which I already had in my collection. I was able to get the model pictured here in better condition and with the original shipping-crate.
Herpa Lufthansa Boeing 737-330 D-ABXC Delmenhorst October/07/2011
This is the last of the three Boeing 737-330s from the "Lufthansa Modell Edition" I needed for my collection:
D-ABXC named after the town of "Delmenhorst".
Aviation 200 German Cargo Boeing 707-330 D-ABUI September/26/2011
In 1977 Lufthansa set up a freight-subsidiary called "German Cargo". The airline operated four Boeing 707 - one of them being D-ABUI, which was released in summer 2011 by "Aviation 200". A very nice representation of the "curry-bomber", as these aircraft were called because of the colour of their livery.
Aviation 200 German Cargo Boeing 707-330 D-ABUI September/23/2011
This Lufthansa-brochure was released shortly before the Boeing 737 was introduced to the fleet in the late 1960s. It presents the advantages of the new short-range jetliner compared to the propeller-driven aircraft in use at the time.
Aviation 200 German Cargo Boeing 707-330 D-ABUI September/23/2011
The famous "Senator Service" in Lufthansa's First Class has a reputation for its little presents: Lighters like this Rowenta "Picco" were given to passengers probably in the early 1960s.
Lufthansa safety-information Boeing 707/727/737 mid 1960s September/08/2011
In this booklet from the mid-1960s Lufthansa compiled the safety-information for its Boeing 707/727/737 jet-fleet. Passengers had to work out for themselves which aircraft they were flying on. Unthinkable today...
GAMA Lufthansa Boeing 707 D-ABOV September/01/2011
This Boeing 707 in the 1970s-livery of Lufthansa was one of the last tin-toys made by the German brand "GAMA". Compared to many Japanese toys from that era GAMA still produced this 707 with a full-metal fuselage.
Ichiko Lufthansa Volkswagen T1 bus August/31/2011
The end of August brings this tin-toys without wings to my collection of Lufthansa-models: A Volkswagen T1 bus made by the Japanese toy-brand "Ichiko" probably in the mid-1960s.
Herpa Lufthansa Vickers Viscount 814 D-ANAD 1/200 August/17/2011
This fine "Vickers Viscount 814" made by "Herpa" is my new pride and joy in the "1/200 models"-section of this homepage. The model was released in July 2011.
IMC Lufthansa Airbus A300 1/100 July/30/2011
Unfortunately I don't have many Airbus A300 models in my collection - that's why this one is very important to me. It was made by "IMC Modelworks" - the successor of Maarten M. Verkuyl's model-workshop in the Netherlands.
Lutz & Weiss Lufthansa DC-10 bonus-model July/02/2011
Another small give-away probably from the 1980s, when bonus-systems for frequent-travellers were less stylish:
A DC-10 model made by "Lutz & Weiss" as a reward for 500.000 kilometres with Lufthansa.
Raise-Up Lufthansa Boeing 707 1/200 June/09/2011
This Lufthansa Boeing 707 model in scale 1/200 was ordered by Lufthansa probably as a small desk display-model. It was made by the Dutch model-maufacturer "Raise-Up".
Lufthansa European travel-guide 1961 May/25/2011
Lufthansa travel-guide issued in 1961. This little book covers major cities in West-Germany and in western Europe. Folding maps help the tourist to get around in the city-centres.
Tomy Toys Lufthansa Vickers Viscount version 2 May/14/2011
Newly added in the "Tin Japan"-section of my homepage: A "Vickers Viscount" made by "Tomy Toys" probably in the mid-1960s. This is the version with stewardess-announcements through the built-in loudspeaker in the upper fuselage. Lufthansa operated its "Viscounts" from 1958 until 1971.
Westway Lufthansa McDonnell Douglas DC-10 cut-away model May/03/2011
Finally I managed to purchase a cut-away model for my Lufthansa-collection: A McDonnell Douglas DC-10 in 1/50 scale made by "Westway Models". A very important addition for me, because my first transatlantic-flight was on board a Lufthansa DC-10 in 1987.
Yanoman Lufthansa Boeing 707 version 2 April/14/2011
This tin-toy Boeing 707 made by "Yanoman" is my second version of this model. It is battery-operated - but doesn't have cable-steering.
Verkuyl Lufthansa 727 bonus-model 250.000 km March/31/2011
My collection of little bonus-models keeps growing: This time I was able to add a Boeing 727 that was given to frequent-flyers for 250.000 kilometres with Lufthansa. The model was made by the "Verkuyl"-workshop in the Netherlands.
Toys Nomura Lufthansa Canadair CL-44 freighter March/18/2011
In the 1960s Japanese toy-manufacturers frequently released tin-models of aircraft with Lufthansa-livery that were never operated by the German airline. This Canadair CL-44 freigher made by "Toys Nomura" is one example.
Lufthansa pins late 1950s March/08/2011
These two vintage Lufthansa-pins raised my interest when they were offered on eBay in late 2010. One is a classic logo-pin with the Lufthansa crane-logo - the second item seems to have been a name-badge for Lufthansa-employees.
Lufthansa on-board brochure late 1950s March/08/2011
Old paperwork always fascinates me - that's why I added this vintage on-board brochure to my collection. Brochures like this were probably given to passengers on long-haul flights in the late 1950s.
Blue Box Lufthansa 707 D-ABUK 1/200 March/02/2011
I waited for a 1/200 model of a Lufthansa Boeing 707 in the second livery of the 1960s very long. When "Blue Box Models" released this 707 in early 2011 I just had to go and buy one.
Mecater Lufthansa 727 1/100 version 2 February/15/2011
A new addition in the "Travel-agency models"-section: This Boeing 727 is the second 727-model made by "Mecater" in the mid-1960s. The Spanish model-manufacturer produced it in order to correct a first 727-version with a wrongly placed jet-engine in the upper air-intake.
Kyoei Lufthansa Airport Service Car January/31/2011
This "V.I.P Airport Service Car" with Lufthansa-logo is a new addition to my collection in the "Tin Japan"-section. It was probably made in the mid-1960s by "Kyoei".
Westway Lufthansa Airbus A300 1:100 January/06/2011
The first Airbus in my collection of travel-agency models: An Airbus A300 in 1/100 scale made by "Westway". Models like these were ordered by Lufthansa when the European jet entered service in 1976.
Asahi Lufthansa Boeing 727 December/10/2010
This strange looking replica of a Lufthansa Boeing 727 was made in the 1960s by the Japanese toy-manufacturer Asahi. I was able to buy it with its original box.
Lufthansa luggage-tag December/8/2010
This Lufthansa luggage-tag from the early 1970s brings back memories from childhood days: I can remember my father returning from business-trips with tags like this attached to his luggage.
Lufthansa slide-series December/8/2010
A gift by a fellow collector from Berlin: These wonderful folders from the late 1970s/early 1980 containing many slides from the Lufthansa-archives.
Lutz & Weiss Lufthansa Airbus A300 December/1/2010
A little Airbus A300 given to frequent-travellers in the days before "Miles & More". The model was made in Germany by "Lutz & Weiss".
Westway Lufthansa McDonnell Douglas DC-10 1:100 November/15/2010
Not in the very best state - but still a nice find for my collection: A Lufthansa DC-10 made by "Westway Models" in 1/100 scale.
Masudaya Modern Toys VW T1-bus October/29/2010
A Lufthansa-model without wings joined my collection today: A Volkswagen T1-bus made by "Masudaya" of Japan in the 1960s. A female eBay-seller from Argentina was the source for this nice little toy in Lufthansa-colours.
Belplast Lufthansa Boeing 727 1:100 October/15/2010
This Boeing 727 model in 1/100 scale was probably one of the first plastic display models ordered by Lufthansa in the mid-1960s. It was made in Italy by "Belplast Milano".
InFlight Models Lufthansa Boeing 737-200 D-ABHX September/23/2010
A new addition to my 1/200 scale section: The bare-metal Boeing 737-230 D-ABHX made by "InFlight Models". In the early 1980s Lufthansa tried to reduce fuel costs with this special livery.
Westway Lufthansa Boeing 747-100 1:100 August/28/2010
This fine display-model in scale 1/100 made by "Westway Models" depicts the first version of the famous Jumbo Jet: The Boeing 747-100 series.
Herpa Lufthansa A300-600 D-AIAN August/01/2010
The 1/200 Airbus A300-600 D-AIAN "Nördlingen" is another addition to my "Lufthansa Modell Edition"-fleet made by Herpa.
Lufthansa annual report 1960 July/08/2010
Lufthansa annual report from 1960. This was the year in which the first Boeing 707 jets entered service with the German airline.
Lufthansa Rowenta Snip lighter July/08/2010
Although I don't smoke I like these vintage cigarette-lighters very much. This gas lighter was made by Rowenta, probably in the late 1960s.
Lufthansa Boeing 727 Bonus-Modell for 100.000 kilometres July/04/2010
Little metal models like this were given to frequent travellers in the 1960s when they reached a certain mileage status.
Biller Lufthansa Vickers Viscount June/14/2010
I searched for this tin-airplane a long time: The Vickers Viscount made by "Biller" in Nuremberg in the late 1950s and early 1960s.
Westway Models Lufthansa DC-10 May/31/2010
Before I bought this DC-10 for my collection I didn't know that "Westway Models" also made smaller display models in 1/200 scale for Lufthansa.
Schuco Lufthansa Boeing 747 May/11/2010
I have had this Lufthansa Boeing 747 in my collection since 2004 - finally I managed to add it to my homepage. There is also a freighter model with an opening nose.
Tomy Toys Lufthansa Vickers Viscount Version 2 Apr/24/2010
The Lufthansa Vickers Viscount made by "Tomy Toys" has become quite a rare model in the recent years. It was made in three versions: This one has the open fuselage with the stewardess-figure moving along the aisle.
Herpa Lufthansa Airbus A300-600 D-AIAL 1:200 Apr/15/2010
A new addition to the "Lufthansa Modell Edition"-section of my homepage: Herpa's Airbus A300-600 D-AIAL "Stade" in 1/200 scale. A wonderful model considering it was released over 20 years ago.
Lufthansa North-Atlantic route-map early 1960s Mar/31/2010
I always find old route-maps very interesting - that's why I bought this North-Atlantic route-map on eBay a few days ago. It was given to passengers in the early 1960s as a guide during flights "across the pond". As maps like this are quite useless over water I guess it was used mainly as a reference while flying over the continental USA.
Westway Models Lufthansa Boeing 737 1:50 Mar/27/2010
I was looking out for this model a long time - and then a visitor to my homepage offered it to me a few weeks ago: A Lufthansa Boeing 737 travel-agency model in the 1960s livery made by "Westway Models" of Wembley/England probably inthe late 1960s. Scale is 1:50.
Repro-box for Lufthansa 737 by Toys Nomura Mar/23/2010
This fine reproduction box was given to me as a present by a fellow collector from Stuttgart/Germany in March 2010. The Japanese tin-toy manufacturer "Toys Nomura" sold its model of a Lufthansa Boeing 737 in boxes like this.
Toys Nomura Lufthansa Boeing 727 Mar/20/2010
Lufthansa Boeing 727 made by "Toys Nomura" from Japan. Like many other tin-toy manufacturers Nomura started using plastic-parts for its "tin"-airplanes in the late 1960s: The lower fuselage and the upper air-intake are completely made of plastic.
Herpa Lufthansa McDonnell Douglas DC-10 D-ADFO 1:200 Mar/03/2010
Lufthansa McDonnell Douglas DC-10 in 1/200 scale made by "Herpa". A fine model of the three-engined wide-body jet. I was very anxious to include it to my collection, because I crossed the Atlantic for the first time in a Lufthansa DC-10 in 1987.
Schuco Lufthansa 737 Version 1 1970s livery Feb/27/2010
Lufthansa Boeing 737 in the 1970s livery made by "Schuco" probably in the early 1970s. I bought this little tin airplane to go with the same model in Lufthansa's 1960s livery.
Lufthansa European route-map 1960/61 Feb/24/2010
Lufthansa European route-map issued probably around 1960/61. Those were the days when airlines assumed that passengers were interested in the flight itself...
Lufthansa timetables 1977 Feb/21/2010
Lufthansa timetables issued in early 1977 - passenger and cargo edition. Memories are made of this: Boeing 707, Boeing 727, DC-10, 747-200 - all the beloved first- and second-generation jetliners are still in service in these two little books!
Lufthansa Westway 747 1:100 Feb/20/2010
Lufthansa Boeing 747 travel-agency model made by "Westway Models" in England. Next to my "Airplast"-Jumbo this is the second 747 in 1/100 scale to land in my Lufthansa model-collection.
Herpa Lufthansa Boeing 737-300 D-ABXA Feb/13/2010
Herpa Boeing 737-300 D-ABXA "Giessen" in 1/200 scale released in the famous "Lufthansa Modell Edition". With this model I now already have two of the three 737s from this series. One more to go: D-ABXC "Delmenhorst".
Lufthansa Boeing 727 unbekannter Hersteller Feb/06/2010
Lufthansa Boeing 727 tin airplane from the early 1970s - made by an unknown manufacturer in Hong Kong. A nice little toy with more plastic parts than tin - but those were the signs of the time.
Verkuyl Lufthansa Boeing 727 1:50 Jan/31/2010
Lufthansa Boeing 727 travel-agency model in scale 1/50 - made in the early 1970s by "Verkuyl". Finally I have a large model of my favourite aircraft! With this 727 Maarten M. Verkuyl proves once more that he is the master - no wonder Lufthansa used to order its display-models in the Netherlands.
Herpa Lufthansa Boeing 737-300 D-ABXB Jan/25/2010
Lufthansa Boeing-737 D-ABXB "Passau" released in the "Lufthansa Modell Edition" by Herpa. The first 737 in my "Modell Edition"-section. The plastic display-cases are simply fantastic!
Toys Nomura Lufthansa Boeing 707 new titles Jan/18/2010
Lufthansa Boeing 707 tin airplane made by the Japanese toy-manufacturer "Toys Nomura". I added this model to my collection because of the newer Lufthansa-titles on the fuselage.